Downloadable forms

Below you will find all the forms made available by Village Learning Center.

Classroom Forms

  • Snuggle Bears editable Individual Schedule

  • Baby Bears editable Individual Schedule

  • Toddler Getting to Know You Form

  • Elementary After Care Schedule

  • Elementary Transportation Needs

  • Elementary Homework Memo

  • Elementary Care As Needed Days

  • Kindergarten Educational Tours and Trips

  • Kindergarten Items Needed

  • Kindergarten Schedule

  • Preschool Getting to Know You Form

  • Preschool Items Needed

  • Preschool Daily Schedule

  • Toddlers-Young & Older Toddlers Supply List

  • Toddlers-Young & Older Toddlers Daily Schedule

  • Infant Supply List

  • Infants Daily Schedule

  • Kindergarten Excuse Card

Registration Forms

  • Tadpoles Information

  • Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form

  • Key Fob Security Entry

  • Photo Consent

  • Emergency Contact/Parental Consent Form

Health Forms

  • Kindergarten Physical and Dental Forms

  • Kindergarten Excuse Card

  • Asthma Action Plan

  • Medication Consent Form

  • Child Health Assessment Form

  • Allergy Form

  • Toddlers-Getting to Know Your Child Form